Volume 96.1: March 2023

The New England Quarterly announces the publication of Volume 96.1: March 2023. We want to give a special thanks to our departing editor, Jonathan Chu, for his extraordinary contribution to our publication. Congratulations on your retirement!

by Jonathan M. Chu

American Political Cultures Forum: Keynote Address

The Radicalism of Northern Abolition 
by Sean Wilentz


We’re all in this fight together”: African American and Latinx Parent-Activists in Boston Schools 
by Tatiana M. F. Cruz

Memoranda and Documents

A Cambridge University Greek Textbook at Harvard College in 1642 
by Thomas Matthew Vozar

Book Reviews

Female Genius: Eliza Harriot and George Washington at the Dawn of the Constitution. By Mary Sarah Bilder
by Martha J. King
The Sewing Girl’s Tale: A Story of Crime and Consequences in Revolutionary America. By John Wood Sweet
by Richard Brown
Beyond the Boundaries of Childhood: African American Children in the Antebellum North. By Crystal Lynn Webster
by Kibibi V. Mack-Shelton
Useful Objects: Museums, Science, & Literature in Nineteenth- Century America. By Reed Gochberg
by Caitlin Galante-DeAngelis Hopkins
Paper Trails: the US Post and the Making of the American West. By Cameron Blevins
by Joseph M. Adelman

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