Volume 95.4: December 2022

The New England Quarterly announces the publication of Volume 95.4: December 2022.


by Jonathan M. Chu

2021 Whitehill Prize Essay
The Rights of God’s Stewards: Property, Conscience, and the Great Awakening in Canterbury, Connecticut
by Erik Nordbye

Sonic Piety in Early New England
by Francis Russo
Beyond “Sectional Superiority”: Memorializing Black History in Northern New England
by Eve Allegra Raimon

Memoranda and Documents
Selling Books in Eighteenth-Century Boston: The Daybook of Benjamin Guild
by Leah Orr

Book Review
Native Americans of New England. By Christoph Strobel
by Neal Dugre
The Transcendentalists and Their World. By Robert A. Gross
by Benjamin E. Park
Speaking for the People: Native Writing and the Question of Political Form. By Mark Rifkin
by Alison Russell
Unfaithful: Love, Adultery, and Marriage Reform in Nineteenth-century America. By Carol Faulkner
by April Haynes
Useful Objects: Museums, Science, & Literature in Nineteenth-Century America.
By Reed Gochberg
by Caitlin Galante-DeAngelis Hopkins

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