Volume 94.4: December 2021

The New England Quarterly announces the publication of Volume 94.4: December 2021.

by Jonathan Chu


Late-Humanism and Revolutionary Eloquence: James Lovell and His 1771 Boston Massacre Oration
by Stuart M. McManus

My Good Italian Friends”: Vida Scudder and Boston’s Circolo Italo-Americano
by Julie Garbus

Memoranda and Documents

“We Were Declared Enemies to the Country”: Two Letters from Joshua Winslow, A Consignee of the East India Company
by Robert J. Wilson III

Review Essay

Listening for Silences: The Trap of Biased Sources
by Lyndsay Campbell

Book Reviews

Religious Intolerance, America, and the World: A History of Forgetting and Remembering. By John Corrigan
by Dale E. Soden

The Sketch, the Tale, and the Beginnings of American Literature. By Lydia G. Fash
by Julia Dauer

Between Boston and Bombay: Cultural and Commercial Encounters of Yankees and Parsis, 1771–1865. By Jenny Rose
by Dael Norwood

Conflagration: How Transcendentalists Sparked the American Struggle for Racial, Gender, and Social Justice. By John A. Buehrens
by Peter Wirzbicki

Preserving the White Man’s Republic: Jacksonian Democracy, Race, and the
Transformation of American Conservatism. By Joshua Lynn
by Seth Cotlar

The Nature of the Future: Agriculture, Science, and Capitalism in the Antebellum North. By Emily Pawley
by Bonnie M. Miller

Shadow Archives: The Lifecycles of African American Literature. By Jean-Christophe
by Gene Andrew Jarrett

Beyond the New Deal Order: US Politics from the Great Depression to the Great Recession. Edited by Gary Gerstle, Nelson Lichtenstein, and Alice O’Connor
by Jennifer Delton

The Kennedys in the World: How Jack, Bobby, and Ted Remade America’s Empire. By
Lawrence J. Haas
by Joshua D. Farrington

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